Music Videos

I remember the starting days of MTV and the birth of the music videos. MTV has gone to the wayside, but the love I have for watching, making, and editing music videos continues strongly. 


If you are a singer/songwriter or have a band,  please, let me create your next music videos or record your next show.  





Live Shows

I moved to Austin Texas in 1987, the year I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Jimmy Vaughn playing the same double neck guitar at a rainy Thunderbird Festival on Auditorium Shores.
I FELL in LOVE with LIVE MUSIC and great guitar that day, and have been shooting  live shows ever since.

I am involved in a couple of TV shows and blogs, either behind the camera or in an editing capacity.

Please, click on the links below to check out the shows, and help promote our local musicians. 

In April I collaborated with Jessica Balli on a project, RISE AGAINST THE VIOLENCE: WOMEN AGAINST SEXUAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE, "You Deserve it" Catwalk.

I had the pleasure of filming the live modeling catwalk event, interviewing the survivors and then editing all the pieces together. This is part of her Capstone project to graduate from Southern Methodist University.





The Wicked Review Austin reviews Austin and all transportation issues, sports issues, news issues and political satire. A bi-monthly news and commentary show.

Good humor kept this a fun project.

Not sure if anchor, Craven Morehead, still gathers his news, but fun stuff.




Always sad when we lose those we love.  The comfort of photos and slideshows
In Memorial  to those who've passed is important to families. 

To gather photos and quotes and put it all together for a fitting tribute is an honor and pleasure to me.  



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